Make A Difference:

Want to become a WYA Ambassador?

We are so glad you are interested in becoming a Campus Ambassador for Where You At and joining our world! You are joining a motivated group of driven and like-minded individuals who are determined to bring WYA to the forefront of the nightlife market. This information pack has been produced to serve as a guide to all topics Campus Ambassador related.

What To Expect

As a Campus Ambassador, there will be tonnes of fun opportunities for you to get involved in the launch and rollout of WYA nationwide. These include but are not limited to:

  • Weekly app-testing and being a part of the evolution of this groundbreaking app
  • On-campus promotions where you will be the centre of attention and the focus of the launch
  • Installing beacons into the venues, getting to know the local clubs, bars and venues, and building a special relationship with them
  • Hosting launch parties at venues near your campus with all the fun and enjoyment it will bring.


This is a fantastic way to boost your CV and show potential employers that you care about safety and have committed time and effort into building community awareness.

Want to join us?

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