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What we do for brands...

We are a launchpad for brands looking to be a part of an ecosystem of venues and clubs that are serious about young people’s safety.

Once your brand partners with us, you become a partner in our accreditation scheme, helping you become recognised as a brand that takes safety seriously.

Why it matters...

Brands that partner with WYA are seen as innovative and pioneering, making them recognised as a brands that take safety seriously. Our collaboration builds awareness around the importance of safety assurance in the night life sector, and brands who partner with WYA are invaluable when it comes to building a safer space.

How it benefits your brand...

Partnering your brand with WYA will help you get recognised as a brand with an ethos and mission that focuses on safety in the night time industry.

WYA is the bridge between your brand, night time industries, consumers, and night time safety organisation, helping you become a foundational pillar of a wider community aiming to better the safety standards of nightlife everywhere.


Mad Squirrel x WYA - 'Pin Drop'

A hugely important partner is Mad Squirrel a pioneer of the UK craft beer industry. Based in the Chiltern Hills, Mad Squirrel brews a wide variety of IPAs, lagers and stouts. Boasting popular alcoholic drinks including Cloudburst (New England DIPA), Splash (Sabro Citra IPA) and Fragolina (Strawberry Sour) to name a few, Mad Squirrel products can be found in taprooms in towns across Hertfordshire and London.

Our Partnership

Considering Mad Squirrels’ aim to promote nightlife safety in their taprooms and via their products, their ambitions to expand across the UK and their continued dedication to producing daring beverages, we are unbelievably proud to announce our partnership with them, and the launch of our own designed beer “PIN DROP” which goes on sale from May 2022.

More can be found out about Mad Squirrel and their products through their website.

Instagram: @madsquirrelbrew

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