Our Mission

Empowering people to live in the moment, by keeping them connected in disconnected spaces.

Our Vision

A world where people never worry about losing each other.

Our App

We enable friend-finding without signal in busy venues.

The Founder

‘Every time I went out, my messages would look like this…’

Tamzin started WYA while at university, after she realized that she would constantly go to events and lose her friends. At first, she thought it was just because she is super short (which definitely doesn’t help in a crowd). But after surveying over 1,100 students about their experiences of nightlife and events, she realized how pervasive the problem of losing friends is – and how serious it can be in environments where there is no phone signal.

She decided that there should be an app which allows people to stay connected, stay together, and stay safe… and so WYA was born. ​

Concerns and Safety at Events

Events are about having fun, but losing people, feeling anxious, and feeling vulnerable can have a significant impact.

“Four-fifths of young women in the UK have been sexually harrassed, survey finds”

— The Observer

“Women boycott UK bars and clubs to demand action on drink-spiking”

— The Guardian

What does WYA do?

WYA uses Bluetooth to allow you to find friends, even when you are offline. Search for them on a map or send them a PING if needed.

How does it work?

We use a Bluetooth mesh network across the club, as well as implementing Bluetooth infrastructure. By combining this network with floor plans provided by the venue, WYA can create highly accurate maps of different event venues.

Why does WYA matter?

WYA aims to do two things. We want to make sure people stay safe. And we want people to have fun – to avoid people spending nights out anxiously looking for friends when they should be spending time with them.