What we do with organisations...

We work with organisations with similar aims to help nightlife become safer for everyone, ensuring that attendants at events feel protected and confident wherever they are. We implement a technical infrastructure which allows venues to become safer environments which are easier to navigate. This is useful for all types of events companies, music companies, and any organisations pertaining to the events or night time industry.

How we make a difference

Essentially, we provide a technical solution which helps them to maximise the existing practical, educational or logistical initiatives already put in place by organisations. We will work alongside organisations, safety campaigns, women’s campaigns and more to help boost security and safety across the events and nightlife industry.

Venues often provide a host of safety initiatives such as Ask for Angela, or they will partake in various community-oriented initiatives working with safety organisations. We make a difference because we tie together these partners and initiatives, helping to ensure their communities feel more confident and connected to a protected ecosystem and safety network.


Night Time Industries Association x WYA

Our first and key strategic partner is the NTIA, who represent the UK s nightlife industry. They speak for 8% of the UK s workforce, and companies with revenues of £66 billion a year. They give us an unparalleled insight into the experiences of independent bar, nightclub and restaurant owners, pubs, festival and live music event operators. This is only the beginning and our work with them will help advance our UK wide national rollout.

Our Partnership

WYA partnered with NTIA to survey over 1,500 students. We gathered data on opinions towards the rise of sexual violence & what can be done to help students feel safer.

We also recently attended NTIA’s Night Time Economy Summit in Bristol, hosted by Michael and Silvana Kill. We gained a host of connections as well as being privy to various insightful talks and workshops. We would recommend it to anyone in the nightlife industry looking to gain a deeper understanding of things such as women’s safety, wellbeing, nightlife safety, or just general knowledge!

Partner your organisation with us:

Together we can do great things. Join us in our goal to change the night time economy for the better by building an ecosystem of venues, brands, and organisations that are serious about young people’s safety.